Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

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Facebook ads + Instagram ads + Google ads = Sales + High ROAS

Boost sales and brand awareness with Dynamic Retargeting Ads for Shopify. Convert visitors into customers. Get started with our free plan!

Dynamic Retargeting Ads

Dynamic Retargeting Ads is the perfect app for Shopify store owners. This app makes it easy to convert visitors into customers and build brand awareness with dynamic retargeting. The app simplifies the process of running retargeting ads on Google, taking just a few clicks, and provides customers with an average extra return of $3 for every dollar spent. One of the best features of the app is the “Free forever” plan, which includes 1,000 ad impressions per month - at no extra cost.


  • Run Google product retargeting ads with no integration required
  • Configure and run ad campaigns with just a few clicks
  • Generate an average of $3 for every dollar spent
  • Get 1,000 ad impressions a month for free with the “Free forever” plan
  • Customize the look and feel of your ad creative for better brand awareness
  • Accurate conversion tracking for a better understanding of advertising efficiency
  • Segmentation based on the user of the product viewed on your store
  • Customizable rules for different campaigns
  • Easy maintenance and control within a single dashboard
    1. Powerful predictive algorithms to reach the right customers


Dynamic Retargeting Ads make retargeting easy and highly accessible. Customers can start with the Free Forever plan, which gives them 1,000 ad impressions each month at no extra cost. For a larger business, the Pay-As-You-Go plan offers unlimited ad impressions for only $25 per month. All plans include accurate conversion tracking, customizable rules, and segmentation based on the product the user viewed.