Address Validator by AppHub

Address Validator by AppHub

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Address verification to prevent shipping and delivery failures

Address Validator by AppHub

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The Address Validator by AppHub app makes it easier for e-commerce businesses on Shopify to reduce the frequency of failed deliveries due to mistyped or invalid shipping addresses. This app greatly improves the customer experience by allowing shoppers to easily check their address when entering their address during the checkout process. It alerts customers to errors they may have made and it also helps merchants to enforce delivery guidelines.The Address Validator by AppHub is easy to install and helps your business boost customer satisfaction, save on redelivery fees, and decrease the number of support tickets. This app works seamlessly on mobile and device devices without any additional coding, and there’s no charge to install it.


  • Prompt and Enable Customers to Fix Invalid Shipping Address Before Fulfillment: The Address Validator by AppHub prompts customers to check their address for invalid entries and notifications them when an error is found. Customers can then easily edit their address.
  • Easily Customize the Prompts and Messaging: The Address Validator allows you to customize your messages, helping to ensure your brand and identity are reflected throughout the process.
  • Prevent Undeliverable Addresses: With the Address Validator, you're able to prevent delivery to undeliverable addresses such as PO Boxes, extra long addresses, or those containing emojis.
  • Use Tags and Email Notifications for Orders with Problematic Shipping Addresses: This feature allows you to quickly spot orders that have invalid shipping address so that you can contact the customer and offer help.
  • Works Seamlessly on Mobile and Device Devices: With support for both mobile and device devices, customers can easily enter their shipping address without any additional coding required.
  • Real Time Validation: Address Validator helps to validate the address in real time, ensuring the accuracy and up-to-date information.
  • Easily Track Fulfillment: With the Address Validator, you can easily track which orders have successfully shipped and those that don't meet the delivery requirements.
  • Saved Addresses: Address Validator allows customers to save different shipping addresses and easily use them when ordering.
  • Automatic Formatting: The app helps to automatically format the address, ensuring it's in the proper format.
  • Secure Data Storage: Address Validator securely stores customer data, ensuring the privacy and security of your customers.


The Address Validator by AppHub is free to install with no hidden charges. Additional charges may apply, but first 100 orders are free and then there is a $0.05 per order thereafter.