Richpanel Helpdesk & Live Chat

Richpanel Helpdesk & Live Chat

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Richpanel Helpdesk & Live Chat

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Richpanel Helpdesk & Live Chat allows Shopify store owners and operators to ensure customer satisfaction by automating customer service requests, centralizing all customer conversations and providing Amazon-like customer self-service for instant resolutions. Shopify store owners are provided with access to a help desk that can manage tickets from emails, SMS messages, social media comments, and DMs. In addition, store operators are able to view, edit, cancel, or create orders all within the help desk inbox. Finally, store owners are provided with support analytics and dashboards to measure revenue and agent performance.


  • Automate customer service without frustrating customers
  • Centralize all order and customer conversation history
  • Provide instant resolutions with self-service flows
  • Manage tickets from Email, SMS, and Social Media in a single view
  • Understand customer needs with complete order and conversation history
  • View, edit, cancel and create orders without leaving the help desk inbox
  • Measure revenue and performance of agents with support analytics
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Customizable self-service templates
  • AI-powered customer understanding


Richpanel offers a free plan with a 14-day free trial for those looking for a way to get started. Additional charges may apply. Other pricing plans are available such as the Starter plan for $29/month, the Regular plan for $49/month, the Pro plan for $99/month. Each of these plans offers a wide variety of features and functionality to help Shopify store owners and operators manage customer service needs.