Abandoned Cart Recovery

Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Everything you need to prevent and save abandoned carts!

Abandoned Cart Recovery

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Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify is a reliable, user-friendly service specifically designed to help Shopify store owners recover lost revenue due to abandoned carts. The app provides a comprehensive set of features enabling store owners to quickly and easily prevent and save abandoned carts. Automatic emails, pop-ups, reminders, and more are all included to help store owners recover lost revenue from abandoned carts.The app is fully automatic, meaning that store owners need only install the app, set it up, and watch as lost orders begin to roll in. Best-practice defaults come pre-built and optimized, allowing store owners to customize their branding as well as edit email text and choose their own send timing.


  • Fully Automatic: The Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify app is completely automated, enabling store owners to install, set it up, and start recovering lost revenue from abandoned carts quickly and easily.
  • Best-Practice Defaults: The app is pre-built with optimized templates that are proven to work. This helps store owners recover lost revenue faster and with less effort on their part.
  • Customizable: Store owners can add their own branding and tailor the abandoned cart recovery process to suit their store's specific needs. They can edit email text and select their own send timing, giving them the ability to make sure the process is optimized for them.
  • Facebook Messenger Reminders: Facebook Messenger provides a great way to remind shoppers to complete their purchase. The app provides a direct link to shoppers’ Messenger accounts and allows store owners to securely re-engage potential customers.
  • Mobile App Notifications: The app also sends push notifications to shoppers who have abandoned their carts from their mobile phones. This enables store owners to quickly and easily notify their shoppers of new discounts, offers, and more.
  • Cross-Device Carts: Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify also provides shoppers the ability to access and complete their purchases from any device. This helps store owners easily connect with their shoppers and make sure they get the best experience possible.
  • Analytics & Reports: Store owners can access real-time data and analytics directly from their dashboard. This helps them analyze the effectiveness of their abandoned cart recovery campaigns, giving them the ability to optimize their campaigns and maximize their results.
  • Email Automation: The app also provides email automation, allowing store owners to customize and schedule emails to their shoppers in advance. This helps them stay in touch with their audience and increase the chances of a successful recovery.
  • Conversion Tracking: Store owners can also track and measure how well their abandoned cart recovery campaigns are performing. This gives them insight into which campaigns are effective and which ones need to be improved.
  • Multi-Language Support: Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify is also available in multiple languages, making it easy for store owners to target international shoppers.


Abandoned Cart Recovery for Shopify is available in two plans - Standard and Pro. The Standard Plan costs $19 per month, and the Pro Plan costs $29 per month. Both plans come with a 14-day free trial.