POWR | Product Pricing Table

POWR | Product Pricing Table

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POWR | Product Pricing Table

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Finding the right product pricing is essential for successful businesses, and the POWR | Product Pricing Table app for Shopify makes it easy. This affordable, reliable and easy-to-use app lets you design dynamic product pricing tables with customizable CTAs, highlight options, features, and more. With the POWR | Product Pricing Table app, you can quickly and easily display different plans or services side-by-side to help customers make faster purchasing decisions.


  • Customize with CTA Buttons: Easily create recurring payments for subscriptions and memberships with clickable CTA buttons.
  • Highlight Best Plan: Get visitors to focus on the “best” or “recommended” plan by adding a highlight option beside it.
  • Specific Features: Quickly show customers all the features included in each plan.
  • Titles, Descriptions, and Links: Quickly add titles, descriptions, and links to each plan in the pricing table.
  • Brand Matching: Adjust fonts, colors, borders, backgrounds and more to match your look and feel.
  • Alternate Payment URLs: Use alternate payment site URLs or a “Buy Now” button.
  • Border Styles: Customize the style of your product pricing table with either square edges, rounded edges, or no borders at all.
  • Alpha-numeric Sorting: Make it easy to organize pricing tables into alphanumeric order.
  • Responsive Design: Easily view and use product pricing tables on any device.
  • Easy Setup: Get your product pricing table up and running in just a few quick steps.


The POWR | Product Pricing Table app offers a free forever plan that includes access to all features, as well as a variety of paid plans to give you more control over how you design your product pricing tables. Starter is $5.49 per month, Pro is $13.49 per month, and Business offers the most features and is $89.99 per month.