Ship, Rate and Track

Ship, Rate and Track

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FedEx shipping rates at checkout, print labels & track orders.

Access your FedEx account with ease. Print labels, calculate real-time rates, and improve customer experience. 15-day free trial.

Ship, Rate and Track

The Ship Rate & Track app for Shopify is built to help store owners get access to their FedEx account for added convenience for their customers. The app will help store owners to easily print and generate shipping labels, calculate real-time FedEx shipping rates and delivery estimates, and mark orders as fulfilled and send tracking details to customers. All of this is at the click of a button and even comes with a fifteen-day free trial. This app provides all the functionality a store owner needs to use FedEx and provide an optimal customer experience.


  • Integrate with FedEx: The Ship Rate & Track app makes it easy for store owners to integrate with their FedEx account. This allows them to access all of the shipping information and discounts that come with using FedEx for their store.
  • Real-time FedEx shipping rates: Customers need to know the cost associated with shipping their purchase up front. The app provides a real-time look at the FedEx shipping rates and delivery estimates at the checkout, allowing store owners to accurately provide this information back to their customers.
  • Print FedEx labels: In one click, users can print FedEx shipping labels, commercial invoice, BOL & CSB-V. This eliminates a great amount of hassle when dealing with packages, saving a ton of time.
  • Fulfillment and tracking: The app will mark orders as fulfilled and then send the tracking details to customers. This helps to ensure the customer knows where the package is and when it will arrive, resulting in happier customers who don't have to ask where their package is.
  • Flat Rate Boxes: Customers can pack their items into FedEx Flat Rate boxes or their own preferred packaging to make shipping even easier.
  • Security: The app is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) that makes sure all transactions are kept safe.
  • Automation: With features like automated tracking and fulfillment updates customers can know exactly when their package will arrive and when it has shipped.
  • Customization Options: Customers have the option to customize their labels and make sure they are in compliance with the regulations of the shipping company.
  • Advanced Tracking: Advanced tracking allows customers to quickly track the progress of their packages and make sure they are being delivered in a timely manner.
  • Email Notifications: The app can send out email notifications at regular intervals informing customers on the shipment updates.


The pricing of Ship Rate & Track app is $19/month with a 15-day free trial. It offers unlimited number of orders with no extra charges.