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QuickBooks Bridge

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QuickBooks Bridge is here to revolutionize the way businesses sync their sales data to QuickBooks online. With its automated sync process, each order is taken care of quickly and easily, ensuring that customers and products are both accurately recorded and documented. Best of all, QuickBooks Bridge offers a free plan, 7-day free trial, and a few additional plans; so businesses of all sizes and budgets can benefit from this dynamic product.


  • Individual Order Sync: QuickBooks Bridge allows businesses to export all of the customer history, products, taxation, and other details directly to QuickBooks in an automated manner.
  • Summary Invoice Sync: The Summary Invoice Sync feature enables businesses to create a single entry for Payouts as well as daily entries for other preferred payment methods. This makes for easier reconciliation for businesses.
  • Automated Sync Process: All of the data that is synced is done automatically. This ensures that businesses don’t have to manually compile the data but rather can simply allow QuickBooks Bridge to take care of everything for them.
  • Very Easy Reconciliation: Instead of a lengthy manual reconciliation process, QuickBooks Bridge syncs all data quickly and easily, allowing businesses to avoid having to deal with manual data entry.
  • No Limit to Transactions: With the various plans available, users receive access to an unlimited number of transactions and other options when utilizing QuickBooks Bridge.
  • Additional Features: For an added bonus, QuickBooks Bridge also offers additional features such as customer support, email notifications, and product integration with multiple platforms.
  • Lightweight Program: QuickBooks Bridge utilizes software that is lightweight and robust. Its efficiency makes it a great choice for businesses.
  • Continuous Updates: QuickBooks Bridge provides consistent updates on its software, making sure that customers are always supported and the product is working at the highest possible efficiency.


QuickBooks Bridge includes a free plan, a 7-day free trial and additional payment plans. The free plan is available for businesses who need just the basics in order to get started. The additional payment plans are broken down into three tiers; the Silver plan ($10/month), the Gold plan ($20/month), and the Platinum plan ($30/month). All three plans include the same features, but the Platinum plan has additional features and discounts. Additionally, there is the PAY AS YOU GO option, which is free to install, but does have a processing fee applied for each order.