Request a Quote ‑ Hide Price

Request a Quote ‑ Hide Price

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Let customer request for quote easily with button & hide price

Close B2B deals faster with detailed quotes. Hide prices and manage quotes easily with this app.

Request a Quote ‑ Hide Price

Request A Quote - Hide Price is a Shopify app from Omega that helps merchants to close B2B deals faster by sending detailed quotes. It also allows customers’ to hide product prices and thus turns the store into an e-catalog website. With the Request A Quote - Hide Price app, merchants can make best of the team selling by assigning salespersons for each quote. Automated quote process and export quotes and invoices into PDF help in managing and tracking deals in much more comfortable manner. This app enables full control on customers’ account and also aids in getting valuable customer information.


  • Quote Negotiation – It allows customers’ and merchants to negotiate prices with the help of detailed quotes.
  • Hide Product Prices – It allows customers’ to hide product prices by setting up Hide Price mode which encourages customers’ to leave behind the contact info in order to view the priced.
  • Add to Cart Button – It also allows hiding “add to cart” buttons with the help of various set conditions.
  • Automated Email Notifications – It communicates both customers’ and merchants with automated notifications regarding the complete quote processes.
  • Export Quotes & Invoices – This app enables the conversion of quotes and invoices into PDF files.
  • Email Templates and PDF Export – Merchants can leverage email template documents with PDF export features.
  • Quote to Draft Orders – This feature allows turning quotes into draft orders which enables merchants to count and save time.
  • Synchronize Customer Data – This helps synchronizing customer’s data to Shopify.
  • Full Control on Accounts – This helps merchants to have total control on customers’ accounts.
  • Valuable Customer Insights – This assists merchants to acquire valuable customer information.


This app is available for free. It also offers a 7-day free trial. Apart, it offers various plans with pricing details as follow: BASIC Plan: Free, STARTER Plan: $7.99/month, PRO Plan: $13.99/month, ENTERPRISE Plan: $19.99/month. All plans come with 24/7 help & support.