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Mobile App Builder ‑ Mowico

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Mobile App Builder ‑ Mowico

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Mowico is a mobile app builder for Shopify that lets stores quickly and easily create native mobile apps for IOS and Android. In just three easy steps, stores can connect their Shopify store, design their app with intuitive drag and drop functionality, and publish their app with no coding required. Mowico is an ideal solution for stores of all sizes and specializes in multi-language stores. With advanced push notifications and AR/VR shopping capabilities, stores can create an app that will be sure to engage and delight customers.


  • Simple Drag & Drop Design Function: With Mowico’s easy-to-use drag and drop design tool, stores can quickly create an app that looks great and reflects their brand identity.
  • Advanced Push Notifications: Mowico includes powerful, customizable push notification capabilities that allow stores to engage with customers.
  • Hassle-Free Multi-Language Settings: With Mowico, stores can set up their app to display content in multiple languages quickly and easily.
  • Real-Time Screen Preview: Mowico’s real-time preview feature allows stores to see how their app looks and works before publishing.
  • AR/VR Shopping: Mowico supports AR and VR shopping, letting customers experience products in a more immersive way.
  • Fine Tune All Categories: Stores can quickly and easily customize product listings and other categories in their app.
  • Product Details and Images: With Mowico, stores can customize product information and images quickly and easily.
  • Seamless Plugin Support: Mowico works seamlessly with all the plugins stores might need.
  • Publish with No Coding Required: Stores don’t need any coding knowledge to get an app up and running with Mowico.


Mowico’s pricing plans are designed to accommodate stores of all sizes. The Startup Plan is $119/month, the Growth Plan is $239/month. Mowico also offer a 14-day free trial, so stores can try out the app before they commit.