Advanced Custom Reports

Advanced Custom Reports

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Custom reports and 50+ Reports of Sales, Tax, Inventory, COGS

Unleash the power of data with Advanced Custom Reports for Shopify. Build, customize, and share reports with ease. Perfect for any budget with free and premium plans available.

Advanced Custom Reports

Advanced Custom Reports is a powerful and intuitive application for performing online store or point of sale analytics. It provides you with the flexibility to build custom reports, dashboards with metrics, and visualize data from your store. With Advanced Reports you can make decisions based on real-time data, build reports using the powerful report builder, and export them to Excel, Google Drive, or CSV format for future analysis and data comparison. You can also send email reports and metrics to yourself or other users on your team with just a few clicks. Advanced Custom Reports has something for every user and their budget. There’s a free plan for those who need basic tools, or a 7-day free trial for those who want to experience the advanced features and functionality of the application. Those needing more features can choose from the BASIC SHOPIFY, SHOPIFY, ADVANCED SHOPIFY, or UNLIMITED plans, each of which offer different levels of features and pricing.


  • Real-time Sales, Products and Customer Behavior Data: Advanced Custom Reports provides users with comprehensive insights into sales, products, and customer behavior data. This feature makes it easy to track trends, spot opportunities, and adjust marketing efforts according to current circumstances.
  • Build Custom Reports: This app gives you the ability to build custom reports with a powerful report builder. You can add data points, segment data, and export to CSV, Excel or Google Drive to analyze it later.
  • Export Reports: An added bonus is the ability to export reports to Excel, CSV or Google Drive. This feature allows you to compare data points and make more informed decisions.
  • Send Reports and Metrics: Advanced Custom Reports enables users to send reports and metrics via email to themselves or their team. All of the monitoring and reporting you need can be easily automated.
  • Management Dashboards: Track key performance indicators with customizable management dashboards. You can easily customize the layout and make sure that all key metrics are visible.
  • Visualize Data: Advanced Reports helps you visualize data with its intuitive drag & drop filters that make visualizing data from your store effortless.
  • Flexible Sorting Options: This app makes it easy to sort data by customers, orders, items, dates, and more.
  • Metric Analysis: Advanced Custom Reports enables you to prepare metric reports on the fly, or export them for later analysis.
  • Email Reports & Alerts: Set up automatic email alerts that let you know whenever key metrics exceed or fail to meet the desired performance targets.
  • Automated Reports: Take advantage of the automated report feature which allows you to configure and receive automated reports at the specified time.


Advanced Custom Reports offers different plans for different users and budgets. The free version offers basic tools while the BASIC SHOPIFY, SHOPIFY, ADVANCED SHOPIFY, and UNLIMITED plans offer more features and are priced accordingly. Overall, Advanced Custom Reports is an intuitive and powerful application that can help you make decisions and improve the performance of your online store or point of sale analytics. With the ability to build reports, visualize data, export it, and send automated reports and metrics, this app is a great choice for businesses at all stages of growth.