Bundle Sales ‑ Product Bundles

Bundle Sales ‑ Product Bundles

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Bundle Sales ‑ Product Bundles

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Bundle Sales – Product Bundles is a Shopify app developed by Minufy Technologies which allows merchants and retailers to bundle various products together in a single offer and provide discounts to their customers. This app offers a simple solution to help businesses increase their order value and overall revenue. With this app, customers can take advantage of special offers by purchasing multiple products with a single click. In addition, merchants can create different bundles discounts with any product, giving them an opportunity to engage more customers and increase sales.


  • Create Combo Bundle of Multiple Products: The app allows merchants to quickly create combo bundles by selecting multiple products in conjunction with one another. This feature allows users to offer combo deals on a variety of product combinations to maximize sales and order value.
  • Create Bundle with Single Product and all its Variants: Merchants can also use this app to bundle all the variants of a single product together in one offer, allowing customers to purchase multiple variations of that product in one easy transaction.
  • Show Bundle Discount in Cart Page: This app allows merchants to show the bundle discount in the Cart page, so that customers can see how much they are saving when they purchase a product bundle. This helps to entice customers to take advantage of the offers, resulting in higher sales.
  • Show all of your Bundles on Bundle Page: This feature allows merchants to create a dedicated Bundle page to showcase all of their available product bundles in one place. This makes it easier for customers to find and compare various offers, resulting in an increased likelihood of purchase.
  • Offers Multiple Price Levels: This app allows merchants to provide multiple levels of discounts for different product bundles, allowing customers to choose the bundle and savings that are best for them. This also helps businesses optimize their promotions for maximum results.
  • Set Unlimited Number of Bundles: The app allows merchants to set up an unlimited number of bundles, allowing them to create as many offers as needed to keep customers engaged.
  • Customization Options: Merchants can customize and adjust the design of the bundle page to meet their own needs and preferences. This helps to create a seamless customer experience and allow users to create discounts and promotions that best fit their brand.
  • One-click Checkout: With this feature, customers can complete their purchase in one click, allowing them to save time and quickly finalize their transaction.
  • Live Support: Merchants using Bundle Sales – Product Bundles have access to live support from their team, including assistance in setting up and using the app.


Bundle Sales – Product Bundles is available for $0.99/month. This allows merchants to access all of the features of the app and take advantage of the powerful offering from Bundle Sales.