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Shop Workflow Automation

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Shop Workflow Automation

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Shop Workflow Automation is a comprehensive and feature-rich e-commerce automation solution for Shopify stores. The App provides a library of automation templates that you can choose from and quickly build automation to save time on daily operations. It gives you the option to create a custom automation workflow with just a few clicks - no coding required. Shop Workflow Automation will help you reduce manual and repetitive tasks, set up triggers to help detect any fraud, schedule automations to remind customers of their payments, and more. Shop Workflow Automation is also designed to help automate the process for vendors, notifying them automatically when their products have been ordered.


  • Easy Automation Setup: Shop Workflow Automation makes creating custom automations quick and easy. With our library of pre-made automation templates, you can be up and running in no time.
  • Automate Repetitive Tasks: Shop Workflow Automation allows you to streamline tasks such as fraud detection, hide out of stock items, and other daily operations quickly and effectively.
  • Schedule Based Tasks: You can set up automations to send daily sales reports, payment reminders, and more. This helps save time and energy while taking care of the most important tasks.
  • Fraud Detection: You can set up triggers to detect any fraud that may be taking place in your store.
  • Hide Out of Stock Items: Shop Workflow Automation allows you to quickly and easily hide out of stock items in a few clicks.
  • Automatically Notify Vendors: When products are ordered, Shop Workflow Automation will automatically notify the vendors, ensuring that orders are fulfilled on time.
  • Cloud Based Solution: Shop Workflow Automation is a cloud-based solution, allowing you to access and manage your automation from any device.


Shop Workflow Automation offers four pricing plans, all of which are very affordable and cost-effective. The free plan offers basic automation capabilities. The Growth and Basic plans both offer additional automation features, as well as customer support. The Professional plan is the most comprehensive with all the features of the lower plans, as well as exclusive VIP features such as personalized automation templates and unlimited automations.