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Translate your shop and 3rd party apps with Google Translate.

G | translate

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G | translate is a revolutionary app for Shopify stores. With this app, you can quickly and easily translate store content into multiple languages, which can significantly increase sales by opening up global markets. G | translate takes care of all the hard work and offers time-saving features such as automated translations, customizable language selectors, translation proxy technology, and URL translation to boost your multilingual SEO. The app provides a free plan that includes a 15-day free trial and is extremely user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for stores of any size and budget.


  • Unlimited Automatic Translations: Automatically translates your store content into multiple languages in a matter of moments.
  • Customizable Language Switchers: Includes lightweight language switchers that can be customized to match any store design.
  • Translation Proxy Technology: Translates most third party app content for quick and easy translation.
  • URL Translation: Boosts multilingual SEO with the ability to translates URL for each language version.
  • Country Specific Top Level Domains: Translates your store into language-specific domains (example.es).
  • In Context Translation Editor: Make changes to translations directly on the page.
  • Product Discovery: Search the internet in any language to discover products you have for sale.
  • Automatic Savings: Automates the translation process and manually saves time.
  • Secure and Reliable: Uses industry-standard security protocols and provides fast and reliable service.


G | translate offers three pricing plans, depending on the needs of your store. The Free plan includes a 15-day free trial, but has limited features. The Bilingual Plan is $9.99/month and the Startup Plan is $19.99/month. The Business Plan is $29.99/month.