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Invoice Browse

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Automatically send colorful PDF invoices as email attachments.

Create impressive invoices on Shopify with Invoice Browse. Generate colorful PDF invoices with QR codes and AirPrint printer support.

Invoice Browse

Invoice Browse is an app solution to shopify stores all over the world. The purpose of the app is to create and print colorful PDF invoices that will tell your story. The app permits customers to easily print invoices with QRCodes that provide a scan to open invoices. AirPrint printers are supported. With 17 different color palettes, Invoice Browse will impress customer with the design of their invoices.


  • Design Invoice Templates: The Invoice Browse app allows shopify stores to design there invoice templates with Liquid or Mustache template syntax. This is a great feature that allows customization of the invoices to fit the aesthetic and needs of the store.
  • Print QR Codes: The feature that comes with Invoice Browse allows for customers to print QRCodes for their invoices. With one scan, customers are able to open invoices. This creates a much easier and faster experience for customers, making them more likely to keep coming back to the store.
  • Bulk export Invoices: Another great feature to Invoice Browse is the ability for customers to bulk export their invoices. The invoices can then be sent as PDF attachments via FTP or email attachments. This allows for a much more organized and efficient way of managing invoices.
  • Easy One Tap Print: For the customers that are using the Invoice Browse app, they can now print with just one tap. This feature allows customers to save time, while still ensuring that they are able to print their invoices efficiently.
  • AirPrint Printers: The AirPrint printers are supported with the Invoice Browse app. This allows customers to be able to quickly and easily print their invoices with the touch of a button.
  • Color Palettes: Invoice Browse also provides customers with 17 different color palettes for their invoices. This feature allows customers to choose a design and color scheme that best fits their needs. This ensures that the invoices can match the aesthetic of their store.
  • Scan and Open: The scan and open feature allows customers to scan QR codes to open invoices. This reduces the time that vendors have to spend to manage their invoices and keeps the customer satisfied.
  • Attachments: Invoices can also be sent as PDF attachments via FPT or email attachments. This allows customers to send their invoices quickly and efficiently.


Invoice Browse has multiple pricing plans available. The free plan available gives customers all of the basic features necessary to manage invoices. There is also the starter plan which is $6.99 a month, and the professional plan which is $12.99 a month.