Socialshop FB, Google Shopping

Socialshop FB, Google Shopping

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Socialshop FB, Google Shopping

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Socialshop is an innovative app that helps e-commerce stores everywhere list and optimize their products on the world's biggest sale channels: Google Shopping, Facebook, and TikTok. With Socialshop, online stores can save time from manually editing thousands of products and automatically sync their catalogs to these three channels with a click of a button. Moreover, Socialshop enables e-commerce stores to improve their product visibility, run more effective ad campaigns, and ultimately, boost their conversions. The app offers several features to help merchants optimize their product images, up to 84 product attributes, and map items to the right product categories in these three channels. Additionally, merchants can choose to sync all products or specific products or collections depending on their needs, making it easy to target the right audiences. Socialshop also offers a free plan in addition to 14-day free trials of their premium packages. The paid plans include Starter, Standard, Professional, and Advanced plans.


  • Automated syncing: Socialshop enables e-commerce stores to automatically sync up to 10,000 SKUs to TikTok, Facebook, and Google Shopping.
  • Predefined schedules: Merchants can quickly update their Google Feed, Facebook Feed, and TikTok Feed with pre-defined schedules.
  • Improved conversions: With Socialshop, merchants can optimize their product images and up to 84 product attributes to improve their conversions.
  • Product Categorization: The app helps merchants map items to the right product categories in these three channels.
  • Targeting: Merchants can choose to sync all products/specific products/collections for better targeting.
  • Product Feed Quality Score: Socialshop assesses merchants’ product feed quality and provides actionable feedback for improving their performance.
  • Scheduled Updates: Merchants can schedule updates at any required time to ensure their data is always up-to-date.
  • Support: Customers have access to 24/7 customer support to get answers to any queries they might have.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: Socialshop offers an intuitive dashboard that makes it easy for customers to manage their feeds and view data reports.
  • Integrations: The app integrates with several popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.


Socialshop offers a free plan in addition to 14-day free trials of the premium packages. The various plans available include: Starter (Free): This free plan includes basic features such as automated product sync, scheduled updates, and product categorization. Standard ($9.90/month): This plan includes all Starter plan features, plus product feed quality and optimization score and 24/7 support. Professional ($29.90/month): In addition to all Standard plan features, merchants can also access advanced functionality and targeted marketing options such as product views and insights. Advanced ($49.90/month): This plan is the most premium offering of all and provides all the Standard and Professional plan features, plus advanced analytics and automated campaigns.