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Fortescue ‑ Pre‑Order Sales

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Fortescue ‑ Pre‑Order Sales

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As more of our lives move online, businesses on Shopify are adapting to the ever-changing times by introducing pre-order features to their stores. Pre-Order Sales - Fortescue is a Shopify app that allows store owners to pre-select their products, notify customers when they go live and provide email reminders for customers when their purchase will be shipped.The Pre-Order Sales - Fortescue app allows you to customize the pre-order buttons and product badges to match the theme of your store, and the Coming Soon, Pre-Order and Notify Me features all in one app. This app makes it easy for store owners to provide customers with the same convenience and assurance that they are used to from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, even if the product is “out-of-stock”.


  • Customise buttons and badges: With Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue, store owners can customize the pre-order buttons and product badges to match the theme of their store.
  • Let customers know when products will be shipped: Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue makes it easy to let customers know exactly when their orders will be shipped, with email reminders and special features such as "Coming Soon" and "Notify Me".
  • 30-day free trial: Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue offers a free plan and a 30-day free trial so store owners can test out the app before committing to it.
  • Multiple features in one app: All of the features of the Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue app is collected in one place which makes it easier for store owners to manage their pre-order sales.
  • Integration with Shopify: The Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue app is fully integrated with Shopify so store owners can easily run their pre-order sales without any extra effort.
  • Schedule product release: Store owners can schedule the release of their products for pre-order so customers get timely reminders about their orders.
  • Email reminders: Customers can receive email reminders regarding their pre-ordered products, ensuring they don't miss out on their purchases.
  • Customizable messages: Store owners can customize the messages they send to customers regarding their pre-orders, providing a personal touch to each transaction.
  • Comprehensive product list: Store owners can view a comprehensive list of products that are on pre-order and manage them accordingly.
  • Browser compatibility: The Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue app is compatible with all major browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.


The Pre-Order Sales – Fortescue app is free to use but offers a 30-day free trial of the Starter and Premium plans. The Starter plan costs $11.99/month, and the Premium plan costs $19.99/month. Both the Starter and the Premium plan offer a range of additional features and benefits compared to the Free plan.