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Experiences App

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The Experiences App is an elegantly integrated app for booked or ticketed retail experiences. It enables retailers to provide their customers with memorable experiences while keeping their brand at the center. With Experiences App, retailers get access to a variety of personalization and automation tools to help make their in-store experiences more efficient and engaging.The Experiences App helps retailers craft simple yet innovative experiences with its beautifully integrated calendar options, customizable email and text reminders, and Shopify POS check-in and iOS check-in (beta) apps. The app also boasts a Zapier integration (among others) and offers reliable customer support.


  • Integration with Shopify: Experiences App is elegantly integrated with Shopify, enabling retailers to provide well-coordinated experiences without any third-party booking system getting in the way.
  • Embedded Calendar Options: With the Experiences App, retailers can embed calendar options into their stores to help customers find and book the best suitable experience.
  • Customizable Email and Text Reminders: The app allows retailers to customize their email and text reminders to ensure their customers show up on time.
  • Shopify POS Check-In App: The Shopify POS check-in app enables retailers to scan QR codes appearing on tickets and quickly check in customers.
  • iOS Check-In App (Beta): The app offers an iOS check-in app to enable the scanning of tickets directly from customer phones.
  • Zapier Integration (Among Others): The Experiences App allows retailers to integrate with all the necessary tools through the Zapier integration, ensuring the smooth running of the in-store experiences.
  • Support for In-Store Events: The app allows retailers to host unique store-based events and manage customer bookings.
  • Direct Bookings: Experiences App enables retailers to offer direct bookings and reservations, as well as sell tickets in their stores.
  • Control Customization Options: Retailers also get control over customization options available while booking experiences.
  • PayPal Payments: The app integrates with PayPal, allowing retailers to accept payments directly in their stores.


The Experiences App is available on three pricing plans, namely Basic, Premium, and Preferred. The Basic monthly subscription is available for $9, while the Premium plan would cost you $39 per month. The Preferred plan can be opted for at $129 per month. All subscription plans come with a 14-day free trial. However, additional charges may apply for features such as bulk discount codes, advanced email automation, and VIP tickets.