eDesk: All‑In‑One Helpdesk

eDesk: All‑In‑One Helpdesk

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Unifies customer conversations and order history with AI

Enhance customer service with eDesk's all-in-one helpdesk for Shopify. Integrating 250+ channels, it's perfect for boosting loyalty and increasing sales.

eDesk: All‑In‑One Helpdesk

eDesk: All-In-One Helpdesk app for Shopify is a great way to keep up with customer service requests and to grow your business efficiently. Tailored for eCommerce brands, eDesk helps you resolve customer inquiries with fast and accurate service from all your channels, boosting customer loyalty and increasing sales. The app integrates with 250+ channels and is equipped with powerful automation and insights. You can also engage with web visitors at the peak of their buying journey with the Live Chat feature. With 14-day trial and flexible pricing plans, eDesk is the perfect way to keep your customers happy and to increase your profits.


  • Smart Inbox: eDesk comes with an eCommerce-focused shared inbox that enables you to auto-prioritize and group tickets. This feature simplifies the ticket management process and helps you provide fast and accurate service.
  • Integration: eDesk allows you to consolidate orders and tickets from more 250+ channels in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of all customer inquiries and helps you provide reliable and timely service.
  • Automations: eDesk leverages AI-powered automations to help you resolve tickets on autopilot. This feature helps improve customer satisfaction and boost brand loyalty.
  • Insights: eDesk comes with powerful built-in reports on products, sales and tickets. This makes it easier to get an overview of all customer interactions and provides you with valuable insights you can use to improve your customer service.
  • Live Chat: The Live Chat feature enables you to engage with web visitors during their peak buying journey. This helps you provide real-time support and can significantly increase customer satisfaction.
  • Flexible & Automated Ticket Distribution: eDesk allows you to easily assign tickets to the appropriate agents and departments. This allows you to distribute tickets efficiently and assign tickets with the right priority quickly.
  • Automated Workflows: eDesk lets you set up automations for recurring tasks and processes. This helps eliminate tedious and time-consuming tasks and helps you focus on more important tasks.
  • Support Analytics: eDesk comes with support analytics that allows you to measure customer satisfaction over time. This feature helps you to better understand your customers' needs and to determine where you need to improve.
  • AI Response Generator: eDesk’s AI-powered response generator helps you come up with customized responses more quickly. This helps streamline the customer service process and reduces the time needed to respond to customer inquiries.
  • Scheduling: eDesk lets you easily schedule and manage customer service hours. This feature simplifies the customer service process and helps you provide fast and reliable customer service.


eDesk offers 14-day trial and flexible pricing plans. The TEAM plan is priced at $89/month, the GROWTH plan is priced at $109/month, and the PROFESSIONAL plan is priced at $129/month.