Integration for eBay

Integration for eBay

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Effortlessly sell on eBay to improvise sales

Seamlessly manage eBay listings with Integration for eBay for Shopify. List, edit, and manage products and orders directly from Shopify to eBay.

Integration for eBay

Integration for eBay is a Shopify app that helps Shopify Merchants list, manage, and edit products, stocks and orders seamlessly from Shopify to eBay. It is an ideal solution for those who want to enhance their eBay sales while managing multiple eBay accounts from the comfort of their Shopify store. With an efficient navigation system and easy-to-use interface, it's easy to understand the entire workflow and customize your profile with eBay business policies. Moreover, Integration for eBay helps you convert Shopify currency to the pricing of eBay and use Meta Fields for item-specifics.


  • Avail FREE eBay Listing Migration: You can easily migrate existing product listings from the Shopify eBay Sales Channel app
  • Automate the Listing Process: Easily automate the listing process with profile-based bulk product uploads.
  • Sync Shopify Inventory: Keep your Shopify eBay inventory synchronized in real-time with the title, price, and orders.
  • Templates & Editing: Use templates and edit your inventory, category, title and pricing before listing.
  • Connect Multiple Accounts: Easily connect multiple eBay accounts to the app and customize preferences for each account.
  • Manage GSP: Manage your Global Shipping Program orders.
  • Bulk Pricing: Set bulk pricing for products to save time and effort.
  • Increase Visibility: Increase the visibility of your eBay store with live listing information.
  • Track & Manage Orders: Track and manage eBay orders with ease.
  • Item Specific Edits: Use item-specifics to make edits to items.


Integration for eBay offers a free plan as well as paid plans. The paid plans include BRONZE ($29/month), SILVER ($49/month), and GOLD ($79/month).