Dialogue ‑ AI Personalization

Dialogue ‑ AI Personalization

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Boost Sales and Conversions with Dialogue AI personalization

Dialogue ‑ AI Personalization

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Dialogue - AI Personalization is a powerful app for Shopify store owners, enabling them to increase revenue and improve the customer experience. With the help of AI-powered personalization, Dialogue allows store owners to tailor their website experience to every visitor, creating automated recommendations, segmenting customers, upselling and cross-selling assets, and launching personalized campaigns.


  • Personalized Product Recommendations: Dialogue’s AI powered product recommendations are tailored to each individual shopper’s characteristics.
  • AI Generated Product Bundles: Dialogue allows store owners to create advanced bundles with special discounts and customizations.
  • Cart and Checkout Cross-Selling and Upselling: Increase store owners' average order value by cross-selling and upselling at the cart and checkout page.
  • Personalized Campaigns and Segmented Content: Dialogue helps store owners create dynamic campaigns to segment shoppers and deliver personalized content.
  • Shoppable Instagram-like Stories: Create fully automated or customizable stories to give shoppers an engaging experience and generate more conversions.
  • Customizable Discount & Promo Codes: Generate special discounts for customers with the help of Dialogue's customization options.
  • Product Detailing & Previews: Dialogue allows store owners to add detailed product information, photos, and previews to enhance the product discovery process.
  • Optimized Responsive Layout: Dialogue helps optimize store's layout, leading to better mobile page loading times and improved UX.
  • Re-engaging Customers: Dialogue provides timely notifications designed to reactivate shoppers by giving them discounts or offering them special deals.


Dialogue is free to install and offers a number of paid plans to suit different needs. Pricing of the plans depends on the type of plan chosen. The plans start at $99/month and go up to $799/month, giving store owners the freedom to choose a plan that suits their budget.