Form Builder for Custom Forms

Form Builder for Custom Forms

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Contact us form, wholesale form, questionnaire + File upload

Form Builder for Custom Forms

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EVM Forms is an app specifically developed for Shopify users that simplifies the process of creating custom forms and surveys. It is a great choice for merchants who need to set up contact forms, multi-step forms, survey forms, return forms, feedback forms and questionnaires. The easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows you to create forms quickly and easily. The forms come with features such as captcha, file upload, application data collection and the ability to manage all form entries in an app dashboard.


  • Easy Drag and Drop Interface: The app makes it easy to create forms with a drag and drop interface. You can customize forms quickly and easily without any coding knowledge.
  • Captcha Integration: All forms come with an integrated captcha, ensuring that only humans can fill out the form.
  • File Upload Option: The app has the ability to add file uploads to forms, allowing customers to submit attachments, like CV’s or portfolios.
  • Multi-Step Forms: With multi-step forms, you can break down the form into easy steps. This makes it much easier for customers to fill out your forms.
  • Manage All Form Entries: Along with an app dashboard, you can easily manage all of the form entries.
  • Get Form Entries on Email: The app allows you to get all of the form entries sent to you via email.
  • Easy Customer Support: The app even has a customer support team to help answer any questions or provide technical assistance.
  • Application Data Collection: This app allows you to collect data from your customers’ applications in one place, allowing you to easily review and analyse.
  • Customizable Templates: Customizable template options are available that can be used to modify your forms.
  • Analytics & Reporting: The app also comes with analytics and reporting capabilities to give you insights into how customers interact with your forms.


EVM Forms offers four pricing plans - BASIC: $5/month, PRO PLAN: $12/month, PREMIUM: $19/month and ENTERPRISE: $32/month. The app comes with a 7-day free trial. All plans come with all features and all plans can use the app an unlimited amount of times.