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PreOrder Alpha

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PreOrder Alpha is an incredibly helpful and convenient app that allows you to easily create pre-orders for your Shopify store. Using PreOrder Alpha, customers can place pre-orders on any product, allowing them to buy items before they are available for sale. This can be especially beneficial for shops that offer limited-edition items, or items that must be released at a specific time. PreOrder Alpha also provides powerful options for setting up banners and buttons for product pages, collection pages, and the shopping cart page. It also offers customizations for product pages, automatic pre-orders based on inventory levels, and scheduled pre-orders for a later date.


  • Pre-Order Banners & Buttons: PreOrder Alpha offers banners and buttons on collection pages, product pages, and the cart page, making it easy to signal to customers when a product is available for pre-order.
  • Unlimited Pre-Order Products on the Free Tier: With PreOrder Alpha’s free tier, you can create unlimited pre-order products.
  • Product Page Customization: PreOrder Alpha allows for customizations to product pages to make sure that your pre-ordering process is as efficient and optimal as possible.
  • Automatic Pre-Orders by Inventory Levels: PreOrder Alpha can automatically generate pre-orders based on inventory levels to make sure that customers can always order a product on a timely basis.
  • Schedule Pre-Orders for a Later Date: PreOrder Alpha allows you to schedule pre-orders with a specific date and time so that customers know when to expect their products.
  • Email Notifications: PreOrder Alpha also has powerful options for email notifications that can be sent to customers when they place pre-orders.
  • Support: If you ever have any issues or questions with PreOrder Alpha, support is just an email away to help you out.
  • Support for Multiple Languages: PreOrder Alpha supports multiple languages, which can be beneficial for customers with non-English speaking backgrounds.
  • Easy Theme Integration: PreOrder Alpha doesn’t require any theme updates, making it very easy to integrate into your existing Shopify site.
  • Responsive Design: PreOrder Alpha is fully responsive and optimized for use on any device, making it easy for customers to pre-order from any device.


PreOrder Alpha has a generous free tier that allows for unlimited pre-order products. In addition, there is also a 7-day free trial for the paid version of the app, which costs $14.99 per month. PreOrder Alpha also offers a comprehensive support system and responsive design so that customers can use the app with ease.