Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

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Free shipping bar with multiple cart goals to increase sales!

Ultimate Free Shipping Bar

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The Ultimate Free Shipping Bar app by Shopify is an easy to use tool that helps online stores to motivate customers to spend more by emphasizing free shipping offers. Through this app, you can create multiple cart goals and display them as a sticky bar on the cart page to indicate the progress of the purchase. This encourages customers to complete the purchase in a timely manner as they reach the goal and saves from having to customize different code to display the progress bar. The app also supports different goals for different countries, so you can create a unique goal for each country, demonstrating your commitment to global customer satisfaction.


  • Emphasize Free Shipping Offers: With the Ultimate Free Shipping Bar app, you can easily emphasize free shipping offers and use the progress bar to motivate customers to complete the purchase. This helps you to create better experiences for shoppers, and increase your sales significantly.
  • Multiple Cart Goals: The app supports multiple cart goals with each country. This enables you to create a unique goal for every customer, ensuring that they always have the right incentives to complete their purchases.
  • Easy to Install and Configure: The app is easy to install and configure. You can set up the app within 5 minutes and it doesn't require any code to display the progress bar - saving you a lot of time and money.
  • Fully Customizable: You can customize the progress bar however you want, and add additional features such as progress tracking, progress messages, and more. This helps you to create experiences that are tailored specifically to your customers.
  • Mobile Responsive: The app is mobile responsive and looks great on any device. This ensures that your customers can always access the progress bar and clearly see their progress toward free shipping.
  • Real-time Calculations: The app updates automatically in real-time, so it always shows the most accurate information regarding the free shipping goals. This ensures that customers are always up to date on their progress and makes the shopping experience even more seamless.
  • Translatable: The app is fully translatable and supports different languages, allowing you to reach even more customers.
  • Advanced Reporting: The app features advanced reporting and analytics, so you can track progress, measure sales performance, and make more informed decisions.
  • Automated Shipping Bar Promotions: You can use the app to automatically send out promotions for different shipping goals. This makes it easier for you to promote your offers, and keep customers engaged.
  • Easy to Customer Support: The app features easy-to-understand customer support, so you can quickly get answers to any questions you may have.


The Ultimate Free Shipping Bar app for Shopify is free to install and use. There are no additional charges or hidden fees. You can use the app to create multiple cart goals, and motivate customers to spend more with free shipping offers. The app is easy to install and configure, and it supports different languages, so you can reach more customers. You can also use the app to track progress, measure sales performance, and take advantage of automated promotions.