Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

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Drive traffic with Google Ads Channel & Google Shopping Feed

Boost your Shopify store's visibility and attract more customers with Clever. Create Google Ads campaigns, manage Google Shopping feeds, and track metrics effortlessly. Get support and a voucher for your first campaigns.

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping

Clever: Google Ads & Shopping is an app that helps Shopify stores get more customers by promoting their products on Google. It works by helping users create Google Ads campaigns, manage their Google Shopping feed, and create Performance Max campaigns. The app also provides a dashboard for users to easily track their metrics, allowing them to make changes to campaigns as needed. Plus, with the app's support team, users can learn how to make the most of their campaigns and app. As an added bonus, eligible users will also be provided with a voucher for their first campaigns.


  • Traditional Search & Display Google Ads Campaigns : Clever: Google Ads & Shopping provides users with the ability to set up traditional search and display campaigns in Google.
  • Google Shopping Feed Creation & Optimization: The app helps users create and optimize their Google Shopping feeds quickly and easily.
  • Google Shopping & Performance Max Campaigns – Developers create Google Shopping and Performance Max campaigns tailored to each customer's needs.
  • Google Ads Conversion Pixel Installation: With Clever: Google Ads & Shopping, users can easily get their Google Ads conversion pixels installed.
  • Microsoft Ads & Shopping Campaigns – The app also provides users with the ability to create and manage Microsoft Ads and Shopping campaigns.
  • Dashboard Monitor Metrics: The app provides users with a dashboard where they can track the performance of their campaigns and make necessary changes.
  • Support Team to Help Users Get the Most Out of App: Users can receive help from Clever: Google Ads & Shopping’s comprehensive support team in order to make the most out of their campaigns.
  • Eligible Users Receive Vouchers for First Campaigns: Eligible users will receive a voucher for their first campaigns when they sign up for the app.
  • 14-Day Free Trial: Those who are interested in using Clever: Google Ads & Shopping can take advantage of the app’s 14-day free trial.
  • Free Plan Available: Additionally, the app also offers a free plan, giving users the chance to use the app without having to submit payment.


With Clever: Google Ads & Shopping, users are able to access the app with a free plan available, as well as a 14-day free trial. For those who wish to upgrade to a paid plan, there are four different tiers, which are Basic (free), Silver ($7.99/month), Gold ($15.99/month), and Platinum ($29.99/month). The plans offer an array of features such as traditional search & display Google Ads campaigns, creation and optimization of Google Shopping feeds, Google Shopping and Performance Max campaigns, and more.