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You Sell - We source and ship for you!

Source and fulfill products efficiently with CJdropshipping for Shopify stores. Access trend recommendations, sales promotion tools, personalized services, and local warehouse delivery. Optimize your eCommerce operations with ease.


CJdropshipping is an app developed for Shopify stores that helps businesses to source products and fulfill orders quickly and conveniently. This app provides an array of helpful features, like trend recommendation based on CJ’s big-data powered system, sales promotion tools, access to a professional agent, personalized product and packaging services, convenient order syncing, free 90 days of storage, and efficient local warehouse delivery.


  • Trend Recommendation: CJdropshipping provides a powerful trend recommendation feature based on their innovative big-data system. This powerful system offers trending product recommendations to help store owners get the latest products and pricing.
  • Sales Promotion Tools: CJdropshipping comes with an array of sales promotion tools to help store owners boost traffic on their stores. These tools include vouchers, discounts, and more.
  • Professional Agent: With CJdropshipping, store owners can easily access a professional agent who can help answer any questions and solve any issues quickly. This professional agent offers 24/7 online support.
  • Personalized Product and Packaging Services (POD and OEM): CJdropshipping offers personalized product and packaging services, such as POD and OEM. This helps store owners differentiate their products in the market and offers customers a unique experience.
  • Convenient Order Syncing: The order syncing feature of CJdropshipping makes it easy for store owners to keep track of their orders and process them quickly.
  • Free 90 Days of Storage: CJdropshipping offers store owners free 90 days of storage, so that they can store their products conveniently.
  • Efficient Local Warehouse Delivery: CJdropshipping’s local warehouse delivery is fast and efficient, with delivery times of just 2-3 days.
  • DIY Bundle Products: CJdropshipping supports DIY bundle products, allowing store owners to customize their products to better serve their customers.
  • Shipping Calculation Feature: With the Shipping Calculation feature, store owners can easily measure shipping methods and costs.
  • Product Review Imports: CJdropshipping allows store owners to easily import product reviews from more than 1688, Taobao, and AliExpress.


CJdropshipping is free to install, but additional charges may be incurred for product fees and other services. CJdropshipping also offers various packages that start from $15.99 and can range up to $59.99, depending on the needs of the store. All packages offer unlimited product sources and access to the same features for all store owners.