C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price

C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price

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Allow customer to request a quote & the price can be hidden.

Enable price negotiation with C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price on Shopify. Customers can suggest prices, request quotes for single items or entire carts. Boost sales, build a profitable pricing strategy, and hide Add to Cart buttons and prices.

C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price

C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price is an excellent Shopify app that provides price negotiation options for its customers. This app allows customers to reach out to merchants directly and suggest their desired prices for products. Whether customers request for a single item, some products or an entire shopping cart, C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price makes the entire process easy and enjoyable. With this app, Shopify merchants can boost up sales and also build a profitable pricing strategy to succeed in their businesses. It has exciting features such as cart request quotation, leading to conversion of quotes to orders with discounts, and also hiding the Add to Cart buttons and prices.


  • Quick Quote Form with Variants on Product Page: The Quick Quote Form with Variants allows customers to ask for quotations for the products that they are interested in. Merchants can provide quotations for single item, some products or the whole shopping cart.
  • Manage Quotations and Track Quote Status: Managing the quotations and tracking the quote statuses is crucial for merchants to maintain transparency with their respective customers. C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price offers a feature wherein Shopify merchants can handle and process the quotation requests sent by their customers and track the status of these requests with ease.
  • Convert Quote to Draft Order with Discount Prices: After approving and discussing the quotes, the shop owners can convert the quote to a draft order with the discount prices. This helps the shop owners to build a rewarding and successful pricing strategy that draws their customers to purchase more items.
  • Hide Add to Cart Button and Prices: The C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price app enables merchants to hide the Add to Cart button and prices on quote-enabled products. This gives customers an opportunity to request a quote and communicate with the merchant directly via email to discuss the desired pricing.
  • Support Multiple Product Variants: This feature makes C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price the perfect app for shop owners selling variant products. This helps customers to select multiple products and then request quotes.
  • Customizable Quote Form: The quote form can be customized with pre-defined fields for customers to submit the request in detail with relevant information.
  • Easy Quotation Management: The shop owners can easily keep track and manage the entire quotations for better organizational control.
  • Quote Disapproval Notifications to Customers: When a shop owner disapproves a quote, C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price notifies the customers so that they can easily submit another request with better pricing.
  • Notification Emails to Merchants: The app also sends notification emails to shop merchants when a customer requests a quote. This helps the shop owner to respond back quickly, thereby boosting their customer service performance.
  • Secure Payments: C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price takes security seriously and ensures that all the payments are secured via Stripe and PayPal.


C: Request Quote ‑ Hide Price app offers a 7-day free trial. The Standard plan is priced at a reasonable $6.99 per month and Shopify Plus comes at $9.99/month.