Boost Product Filter & Search

Boost Product Filter & Search

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Improve conversion rates and ROI with Boost Product Filter & Search. Enhance the shopping experience with smart search, synonyms, redirects, and comprehensive insights. Trusted by major brands.

Boost Product Filter & Search

Boost Product Filter & Search is an advanced product filter, smart search, and site optimization app built for Shopify stores. It helps improve both conversion rates and return on investment, by making it significantly easier for online shoppers to navigate and find the desired products within a store. Equipped with a powerful AWS server, this app provides a frictionless, fatigue-free experience for customers and helps ease the search process with cutting-edge features like the smart search bar, theme-fitting search options, synonyms, redirects, spell check, and a comprehensive insights feature. The Boost Product Filter & Search app is trusted by 14,000 Shopify stores, including major brands like Sony, Ford, GAP, and Lacoste.


  • Theme-fitting Custom Filter Trees: The Boost Product Filter & Search app enables you to create theme-fitting custom filter trees that match the collections and categories of your store. This helps customers quickly and efficiently search for their desired products, making the navigation process simpler and smoother.
  • Unlimited Filter Options: The app provides unlimited filtering options for the products in your store, such as tags, meta fields, vendors, sale percentages, and reviews. This allows for a high degree of filtering accuracy and helps narrow down the choices your customers have to make when searching for a product.
  • Smart Search Bar: The app offers a powerful and sophisticated smart search bar that provides instant auto-suggestions to customers. The bar integrates a spell-check feature, as well as custom search filters, to provide the optimum user experience.
  • Optimal Site Search: The app’s optimal site search feature encompasses several search elements to offer a better match with the customer’s search query, including synonyms, redirects, stop words, full text, and fuzzy search.
  • Handling of up to 1M Products: The app boasts an impressive capacity to handle an inventory of up to 1 million products with its AWS server, making it a great choice even for businesses that operate with a large product catalog.
  • Insightful Analytics Reports: The app provides a comprehensive insight into collection filters and searches behavior through a detailed analytics report. This in-depth data helps store owners to better understand customers’ buying decisions, preferences, and expectations.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
  • The app provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for customers that are unsatisfied with the app, thus establishing trust between customers and the business.


The Boost Product Filter & Search app is free to download and comes with a 14-day free trial. After the trial period, customers can choose from one of four plans – Regular 1 ($19/month), Regular 2 ($29/month), Plus ($69/month), or Development Mode (Free). Additional charges may apply.