Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store

Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store

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Leverage the full power of your data to sell smarter and boost conversions.

Bold Brain ‑ AI for your store

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Bold Brain is an AI-powered app that allows Shopify store owners to leverage their data and boost conversions through better customer interactions. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify stores and helps sellers to make more effective offers by collecting data from every customer interaction. Additionally, it provides AI Widgets to recommend products based on statistical insights, for a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 plus 2% of widget sales. The Bold Brain app is a great tool for store owners aiming to elevate their online store offering and drive higher online sales. It helps in transforming customer data into insights, allowing store owners to better understand their customers and make smarter decisions.


  • AI Widgets: With Bold Brain, store owners can easily add AI Widgets to their store and display product recommendations that are tailored to each customer's individual behavior. The Widgets are self-improving and update dynamically, so that customers are shown the most relevant product for the highest possible chance of conversion.
  • Tracking & Analytics: Bold Brain allows store owners to keep track of how customers are interacting with their store. They can get an overview of customer preferences, browse product categories that are driving the most conversions, and track store performance over time.
  • Personalization Engine: Bold Brain features a powerful personalization engine that makes it possible to tailor offers for each individual customer. It can be used to target ads, product recommendations, or special discounts, allowing for a more targeted approach to marketing.
  • Automated Offers: Bold Brain makes it easy to send automated messages and offers that are relevant to customers based on their preferences and interest. This allows store owners to maximize conversions and generate significant revenue.
  • Campaign Management Features: Bold Brain's campaign management features include availability scheduling, automated targeting, and automated emails. These features let store owners plan and execute campaigns within just a few clicks.
  • Dashboards: Bold Brain's dashboards display key insights about the store, such as customer behaviors, sales statistics, and product popularity. This makes it easier to identify top-performing products and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Segmentation: Bold Brain allows store owners to segment customers by demographics, geography, and interests. This makes it easier to target ads, offers, and discounts to the right customers.
  • Data Synchronization: Bold Brain's data synchronization feature helps ensure that customers are always shown the right products and offers. It automatically syncs customer data across channels for more seamless customer experiences.
  • Optimization Tools: Bold Brain's optimization tools help store owners optimize their store for the highest possible conversions. It can be used to adjust product pricing, sales terms, promotions, and more.
  • Multi-Platform Support: Bold Brain supports multiple platforms, such as web, mobile, and tablet devices. This helps store owners ensure optimal user experiences no matter what platform their customers are using.


Bold Brain offers a free plan and a paid option for store owners who are looking for additional features such as AI Widgets, tracking and analytics, personalization engine, automated offers, and more. The paid version charges a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 and a 2% fee of widget sales. With the paid plan, store owners can access all of Bold Brain's features and get expert support.