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Cloud backup with options for data download & copy/duplication


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Backups App for Shopify is an automated daily backup tool that helps store owners gain peace of mind, knowing their data is stored securely in the cloud. This is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to make sure their store's data is protected and can easily be recovered should the need arise. It comes packed with features such as automated daily backups, recovery of individual items, exporting of backups to hard drives or Google Drive, and cloning data to another account.


  • Automated Daily Backups: With this app, store owners can set up automated daily backups of their store, making sure all the data is safely stored and easily retrievable.
  • Recovery of Individual Items: Backups App for Shopify allows store owners to easily recover and undo changes if needed, by granularly restoring individual items.
  • Restore Data Categories in Bulk: Store owners can use the app to restore entire data categories in bulk, in case they need to make major changes to their store.
  • Export Backups to Hard Drives and Google Drive: This app allows store owners to easily export their backups to either their hard drives or Google Drive, allowing for quick recovery in the future.
  • Clone Data to Another Account: Using Backups App for Shopify, store owners can easily clone their store’s data to another account, in case they need to start from scratch.
  • Webhook Support: This app provides webhook support, allowing store owners to quickly receive all the updates on their store updates and the changes that have occurred.
  • Secure Cloud Storage: This app securely stores backups in the cloud, giving store owners peace of mind that their data isn’t lost.
  • Powerful Management Tool: The app provides a powerful management tool to store owners for easy control of their store’s data, so they can quickly take action if needed.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Backups App for Shopify provides comprehensive reports to store owners, so they can review the changes that have occurred and take action if needed.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: The app provides a comprehensive customer support team to answer any questions that store owners have and help them with any issues that might arise.


Backups App for Shopify provides a 7-day free trial, after which store owners can choose between three pricing plans – Beginner for $3.99/month, Growth for $7.99/month, Pro for $19.99/month and Plus for $79.99/month. Additional charges may apply depending on the needs of the store.