Reports: Inventory & Sales

Reports: Inventory & Sales

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Track inventory and sales accurately with advanced reports and custom data exports. Optimize sales.

Reports: Inventory & Sales

Reports: Inventory & Sales is a powerful Shopify app that helps sellers track their inventory and sales with accuracy and efficiency. It comes with highly advanced reports and custom reports generated from data exports, which can be used for sales and inventory analysis and for optimising inventory levels. This app also provides store owners with effective scheduling, replenishment planning, and alert notifications. With the free and paid plans available, it's an affordable and dependable tool for achieving maximum productivity.


  • Inventory Optimization: The app provides an efficient way to manage inventory and optimize inventory levels. It has inventory alerts, replenishment planning, inventory planners, and other features to help store owners monitor their stock. It also offers powerful analytics tools to identify opportunities to improve inventory efficiency.
  • Sales Reports: The app provides store owners with detailed insight into their sales performance with sales reports from sales by product, sales by location, sales by collection, sales by vendor, and sales by channel. The reports provide an up-to-date view of sales trends which can be used to make better marketing and pricing decisions.
  • Data Export: Store owners can export data in CSV format to get data on orders, customers, inventory quantity, products, and collection. They can easily download the data and schedule reports with restock alerts, low-stock notifications, and email notifications.
  • Custom Reports: Reports: Inventory & Sales lets store owners create custom reports and save them in their favorite reports. These custom reports allow for more specific analyses that can be tailored to a store's specific needs, which makes it easier to identify trends and opportunities for improvement.
  • Dashboard: The app has a dashboard that allows store owners to quickly scan the reports and take action if needed. The intuitive interface makes it easy to interpret data and make quick decisions.
  • Availability: The app is available on the web and also works on mobile or tablet. This allows store owners to access the data anytime and take action quickly.
  • Security: The app is secure and compliant with data privacy and data security laws. The app also uses encrypted connections to protect personal information.
  • Support: There is dedicated support available if users are having difficulty with the app or need help understanding the features.
  • Flexibility: The app is highly flexible and can be used across multiple channels and locations.
  • Free Trial: The app offers a 7-day free trial and customers can easily upgrade to the paid plans if they find the app useful.


Reports: Inventory & Sales offers a free plan that allows store owners to track their sales and inventory. The app also has Professional and Advanced Shopify plans. The Professional plan is priced at $29/month. The paid plans come with additional features and functionalities such as analytics and customization.