Facebook Ads, Google Ads & SMS

Facebook Ads, Google Ads & SMS

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More sales with AI-advertising on Google, Facebook & Instagram

Facebook Ads, Google Ads & SMS

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AdScale is an AI-advertising platform that automates the entire process of running, managing, and optimizing ads across Google, Facebook, Instagram, SMS & Email channels for Shopify stores. The app helps Shopify store owners to acquire more customers at lower costs and gain better marketing insights by leveraging data, images, and AI. Now, you need not be a marketing expert or have prior advertising or marketing knowledge to maximize the ROI of your campaigns with AdScale. With only 5 min of work a week, you can efficiently manage your marketing spend and start to see enormous gains just right away.


  • Creation of Tracking Pixel, Facebook Feed & Merchant Center: This feature helps you to easily install tracking pixels and create a synchronized Facebook feed in just a few minutes.
  • Easy Ads Creation on Google Ads & Facebook Ads With 24/7 Optimization: AdScale allows you to easily create ads for Google Ads & Facebook Ads with 24/7 optimization to ensure maximum ROI on your campaigns.
  • Business Analytics Module with Dozens of Dashboards and Actionable Insights: With dozens of dashboards, AdScale offers you clear, actionable insights from performance across channels to website behavior to media buying optimization in one single place.
  • Dynamic Customer Segments Builder for Personalized Marketing: You can easily build dynamic segments that enable you to better target by gender, age, location,device type, and more to ensure maximum reach and campaign returns.
  • Powerful SMS Marketing & Email Marketing Modules: With AdScale’s powerful SMS & email marketing modules, you can easily acquire new customers by sending timely, automated messages to existing customers or prospects.
  • Auto-Optimization of Campaigns & Budgets: For every campaign you create, AdScale constantly optimizes your budget & campaigns to ensure maximum returns & efficiency.
  • Quick & Easy Automation of Ads Creation: AdScale quickly automates your ads creation processes with AI & data-driven marketing.
  • Insights & Analytical Reports for Effective Decision-Making: AdScale also provides in-depth analysis and reports for informed decision making
  • Cloud-Based Management of Ads Across All Channels: AdScale allows you to efficiently manage ads across all channels from one dashboard.
  • 24/7 Support: AdScale also provides 24/7 support to ensure that you never run into any issues while using the platform.


AdScale offers you four pricing plans. You get 14-day free trial in all the plans, but additional charges may also apply.STARTER: For $99/month, you get all the key features of AdScale along with access to AdScale’s support team. GROWTH: For $199/month, you get access to advanced features like ad automation, more advanced segment builder, and custom reports. PRO: For $299/month, you get access to additional features like advanced campaign optimization, enterprise support, and one-on-one onboarding. ENTERPRISE: For custom pricing, you get access to all features, dedicated account manager and all-encompassing marketing solutions. AdScale helps Shopify store owners to run data-driven ads on all channels from one place. With its personalized ads, user-friendly dashboard and actionable insights, AdScale is a great tool to drive growth and acquire customers.