Analysing the digital campaign and measuring footfalls for leading QSR brand, KFC using Location Attribution


KFC, a leading Quick Service Restaurant brand wanted to run a digital media campaign and measure footfalls to some of their select locations in Malaysia, generated as a result of their digital campaigns. They were looking out for omni-channel solution partner to help them create awareness of the brand and calculate footfalls to their locations in Malaysia as a direct result of their digital outreach.


Lifesight, a Location intelligence company with the capability to measure footfalls as a direct result of digital campaigns, helped KFC measure the actual physical footfalls to their various locations in Malaysia as a direct result of their digital campaigns. Thanks to this capability, Lifesight was able to measure the impact of the brand’s campaign and help them understand the true ROI.


Key Takeaways:

  • The campaign resulted in over 5,000,000 impressions and 21,000 clicks
  • A total of 56,608 exposed visits were measured
  • The Click Through Rate (CTR) for this campaign was 0.39%
  • The most visits were driven through campaigns targeting the KFC outlet in Mid Valley – 884 visits
  • Over 95% of visitors came within 10 days of being exposed to the campaign
  • Most of the store visits happened during Saturday and Friday
  • Over 3% of the exposed audience had a brand affinity towards KFC
  • It is observed that Pizza Hut controls the major market share in terms of footfalls among the main competitors


The QSR brand was able to analyse their campaign and measure the total footfalls to their various locations in Malaysia. Thanks to Lifesight’s robust data, KFC was also able to gain an in-depth understanding of their customers’ real-world journey from ad exposure to visiting the location, uncovering their brand affinities, places visited, etc. and providing a holistic view of their customers and measure the impact of their digital campaigns through Lifesight’s Location attribution.

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