Measure the impact of your ad campaigns on in-store visits
Optimize your omni-channel digital campaigns based on physical world footfall analysis
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It’s about time you answer the questions CMOs around the world have been asking for decades

Is my ad spend bringing footfall to my outlet?

Consumer Profiles Tracked
Locations Tracked
Data Points Monthly


  • Validate Campaign Performance
    Measure the impact of your digital campaigns on your location footfall
  • Optimize Omni-channel Spend
    Understand which media channel is bringing the most visits to your locations
  • Get Actionable Insights
    Use our insights driven attribution to help optimize your ad spend
  • Measure Web-to-visit
    Understand your website/app visitors' offline behaviour and patterns

Watch the Video

Check out the video below to learn more about our Attribution solution

How It Works

Location attribution is specifically designed for media companies, agencies and publishers so they can prove that digital campaigns drove footfall into physical locations.
  • 1 User views or engages with a digital ad, email, website, form etc., a tracking pixel is fired and their action is captured.
  • 2 During and after the campaign flight, the conversion locations are monitored. When the user walks into the store, their device is detected.
  • 3 All campaign and location data is processed after the campaign flight and an attribution report is generated.

Beyond Consumer Reports

Lifesight is about all about understanding the holistic consumer journey. Our attribution report provides you additional consumer insights related to your product activity in retail outlets across the country

Channel Performance
Understand the breakdown of which channels are driving the highest footfall to your retail locations
Visitation Patterns
Spot user movement and visitation patterns to help you understand when best to serve ads and track conversions
Engagement Insights
Know who your customers are by demography, interests, brand affinity, devices and more
Attribution Insights
Measure the impact of your digital campaign on in-store visits and learn the true cost of driving incremental visits
Places Analysis
Understand your locations' best and worst performance and nearby population behaviour and trends
Conversion Analysis
Learn how long it takes to convert your customers and when and where to serve your ads for the best results
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