Make Every
Marketing Dollar Count

Leverage your own data with AI-powered measurements to make optimal marketing decisions. No data analysts or scientists required.


Optimize media spend continuously


Allocate & scale budgets confidently


Match & convert anonymous traffic

Conventional marketing measurements is broken in the privacy-first world

Conventional marketing measurements is broken in the privacy-first world
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Optimize your media performance with confidence again

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Identify more anonymous users

Lifesight’s first-party ID graph mitigates signal loss in customer data, improving tracking and attribution accuracy.


Say goodbye to ad waste

Allocate budgets efficiently with confidence using machine learning models. No data scientists required.


Reduce customer acquisition costs

Improve match rates & reduce your CPM/CPC/CPA with accurate server-side conversion tracking.


Scale your customer acquisition, profitably

Use AI-powered insights to understand your optimal channel scaling strategy, to grow sustainable profits.

Say hello to your Modern Measurements stack

Optimize your campaigns daily with the most accurate multi-touch attribution solution
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Accurate marketing attribution made easy

Stop trusting in-platform reporting. Leverage our advanced attribution models to see what’s working and what’s not.


Understand your customer journeys

See all the top performing paths your customers are taking & build strategies like a pro.


Dissect your channel performance

Get complete channel-wise breakdown, from campaigns to creative performance in a single view.


Transparent order level insights

Get a fully transparent view into attribution credit on a customer & order level to truly understand what’s happening.

Why Lifesight

Innovating marketing measurements since 2017

Trusted name in measurements

Trusted name in measurements

Lifesight has been the marketing measurements solution-of-choice for leading brands & agencies, delivering continuous innovation in the industry.

Designed for modern marketers

Designed for modern marketers

Our understanding of the pain points marketers face fuels our mission; to build solutions that are easy to use, with no technical dependencies.

Making advanced AI technology accessible

Making advanced AI technology accessible

AI-led marketing measurements have given businesses a huge advantage. We are now democratizing this technology for marketers globally.

Independent & unbiased  self-serve platform

Independent & unbiased self-serve platform

Media platforms give limited visibility. We are a transparent, unbiased platform, enabling businesses with the best possible data for better outcomes.

Set up your measurements in minutes, not weeks

Explore a platform free of technical dependencies, that puts the control back in your hands


Integrate your data quickly without code

Integrate your marketing and store data with a few clicks and instantly start streaming data.

Integrate your data quickly without code


Leverage AI-powered attribution & modeling

Use out-of-the-box machine learning models without the need for data analysts or scientists.

Leverage AI-powered attribution & modeling


Make better decisions with actionable insights

Plan scenarios and get instant recommendations based on your objectives and goals.

Make better decisions with actionable insights

Integrate with 250+ apps

Get started in minutes with seamless integrations that connect all your tools to a single source of truth.

Integrate with 250+ apps

Redefining modern marketing measurements

Traditional measurement tools & manual consulting fall short in today's marketing landscape. Eliminate siloed data, disjointed integrations, and technical hurdles in just 10 minutes with Lifesight.

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Always-on measurements


Self-serve & automated


Fast & easy no-code ML model setup


Unlimited model training & data refreshes


Multi-method approach (MTA, MMM, Incrementality)


Built-in CDP & identity graph


Data activation capabilities


LTV & cohorts reporting


Bring your own model (BYOM)


Raw data sync/export


Your trusted measurements partner

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increase in conversions with smarter budgets

See how this leading electronics brand increased ad budget using Marketing Mix Modeling on Lifesight Measure

“Within months of optimizing based on Lifesight’s MMM insights, marketing ROI increased over 35%. MMM allowed us to redistribute budget to the most effective channels, tightening targeting and supports our marketing team's plans for growth.”

VP Marketing,

Electronics brand with $1.5M ad spend per month.


incremental lift in sales from social media ads

Read how a personal care brand increased ad budget with our Incrementality Measurement & Geo-Experiments

"Adopting Lifesight was a game-changer for our marketing team. The transparency it provides in terms of experiments and consumer interaction has been invaluable, allowing us to scale our initiatives, with enhanced engagement and sales."


Personal-care brand earning $130M in ARR

Future-proof your marketing measurements


Forecast accurately with no-code ML & AI model setup that provides comprehensive predictive insights


Stay in the know with always-on measurements providing real-time channel performance