80 partner brands & agencies are now making the most of our Lifesight Partner Program

This rapid ecosystem growth comes on the back of the many benefits of Lifesight’s managed model that helps brands and agencies get started with location intelligence and analytics.

Location intelligence is still in an early stage of adoption in the Asia Pacific region. In our early days, we quickly understood from our conversations with brands, marketers, and advertisers that the ecosystem needed education, consulting, and handholding as they navigate this location-led transformation of the industry. We were ready to take charge of it, with Lifesight Partner Program.

Using our best-in-class managed model, the Lifesight Partner Program is designed to deeply understand business needs and develop effective, targeted, and customized use cases for our offerings across Lifesight’s Location Audiences, Insights and Attribution platforms. We don’t just stop at giving marketers access to location data; our free of cost one-on-one consulting prowess and analytics & modelling capabilities have empowered marketers around the Asia Pacific region to make the most of this data.

Just six months ago, we launched the Lifesight Partner Program, signed up our first managed model customer and partnered with them on their journey of adopting Lifesight for marketing and measurement excellence. We are excited to share with you that this number has now grown to 80, i.e. 80 successful brand and agency partnerships under the Lifesight Partner Program – in just six months!

This rapid growth in the number of Lifesight partners signals the timeliness and effectiveness of our managed model solutions. We are thrilled to be partnering with so many amazing, forward-looking brands and agencies in this journey.

Clearly, the marketing ecosystem is ready to push the envelope as far as hyperlocal campaigns and measurement are concerned. And we are ready to help!

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